Our accurate and reliable real estate valuations paired with strategic advisory services encompass the entire transaction lifecycle.

Providing real estate developers, owners, operators and investors with valuation and advisory services for real estate entities, property portfolios, and complex developments.

Our clients are real estate owners, investors, lenders/banks, companies and private individuals in need of real estate valuations prior to business decisions and for other purposes. Our team has the credentials and real-world experience to ensure each appraisal is sound, defensible and withstands the most rigorous scrutiny from financial auditors and relevant regulatory bodies.

As one of the market leaders in real estate valuation in Montreal, we offer deep technical and industry expertise as well as local market knowledge. We are focused on providing reliable valuations and strategic advisory that not only stand up to scrutiny from all stakeholders but also give you confidence to make well-informed decisions on your real estate.

We are characterized in the industry by our dedication and motivation to be the best in our profession. Our real estate valuation and advisory services in Montreal include every class of real estate property:


    Development analysis, feasibility studies, expropriation, highest and best use analysis, and emphyteutic lease analysis.


    Hotels, restaurants, government, and other institutional-type buildings.

    Office Buildings

    All class of office buildings, mixed-use projects involving the combinations of residential and commercial and/or office space.


    Standard industrial buildings, industrial lofts, warehousing, special purpose, and mini-storage facilities.


    Neighborhood / community/ open air shopping centers, big box retail outlets, large free standing retail outlets (supermarket, pharmacies, gas stations etc).


    Including the valuation of conventional rental apartments and condominium projects.


    Our team of residential appraisers has extensive knowledge of greater Montreal’s diverse residential market.

    Real estate valuation is at the heart of our professional services and we deliver these services within a scope customized to each client’s need. Our competencies run the gamut of standard commercial properties such as office, retail, multi-family, and industrial property types and specialty asset classes for valuation service needs, including:


    Mortgage financing


    Valuation for financial reporting (VFR)


    Property assessment, revaluation, and tax protest


    Private and corporate estate planning/estate filing


    Matrimonial/equitable distribution pertaining to commercial properties


    Private and investment equity buy-sell decisions


    Asset management and fund performance tracking


    Arbitration/dispute resolution


    Appraisal reviews and portfolio-level analytics


    Forensic valuation studies